PE Home Learning

Home Learning

In order to continue to support schools and children with their sports education throughout this unprecedented time, we have put together a series of teaching and sports education videos. Over the course of 10 weeks and 30 lessons, we will introduce and develop cricket skills, techniques and understanding of the game. Each lesson will conclude with a lesson challenge, which is a fun game/activity that you can play individually or as a family.

We have been working closely with a couple of other industry professionals to put together a teaching package that educates beyond our cricket topic. Our RAMP warm-ups and cool-downs educate about the human anatomy and physiology, the way that it works, the affects of exercise on the body and the importance of preparing our bodies correctly for exercise and then correctly cooling down afterwards.

Each week we will be making 3 new lessons available to you, with a new RAMP warm-up and cool down, that each week will be tailored to the topic for the week and the movement and movement patterns that you will be undertaking in the week.